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Bella Vineyards

California, the most populous state of the United States, located on the Pacific coast of North America is bordered by Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. The four largest cities are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco. California is also the home of and wine producing regions such as Santa Barbara and Northern California's Wine Country.
Bella Vineyards is located in the heart of Dry Creek Valley, is small and primarily operated winery by Scott and Lynn Adams. They specialize in making tiny lots of single vineyard zinfandel and syrah. Many of their vines are between 80 and 110 years old, so the fruit is naturally concentrated and flavorful. The Bella hillside series is comprised of two wines the hillside cuvee and the hillside zinfandel. Both of these wines are made from a blend of varietals from their three different vineyards. The hillside cuvee is a blend of Syrah, old vine Grenache and old vine Zinfandel produce a wine that is reminicent of wonderful wines from the Rhone Valley in France.
The hillside zinfandel is a blend of zinfandel grapes from 2 or 3 of their vineyards, depending on the year. It is a luscious, complex wine that is fabulous with dinner. Bella Vineyards farm have three of the most distinct vineyards in Sonoma Count. The mission of their winery is to make small lots of high quality wine from distinct parcels on these vineyards.
Their goal is to offer you with smooth, velvety wines that are delicious with food and ready to drink right away or over the next five years. Bella Vineyards are committed to producing a most civilized beverage in a most responsible way.

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