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Chimney Rock Winery

California, the most populous state of the United States, located on the Pacific coast of North America is bordered by Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. California's landscape is as diverse as its people. From foggy coastlines to dry endless deserts, lush green mountains to rolling hills of vineyards. A morning of snow boarding in the mountains and then ocean kayaking at sunset, this glorious Golden State offers it all.
Chimney Rock Winery was established in 1980 with the goal of creating wines that would compete against the best of Bordeaux. Today that goal is pursued with renewed passion by wine-industry pioneer Anthony J. Terlato and his sons, Bill and John. The distinctive character of chimney Rock’s wine springs from a simple yet extraordinary foundation. The Chimney Rocks estate is located immediately east of Silverado Trail at the south end of the Stags Leap District, Napa Valley’s smallest and arguably, most acclaimed sub-appellation. All the grapes for Chimney Rock’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon and Elevage are grown on the winery’s 137-acre estate at the southern end of the District.
Viewing the vineyards from the tasting room, the famed Stags Leap Palisades are visible, providing a reminder of the power and grace this unique land transfers to the wine grown on it. The Chimney Rock estate was developed in three steps. The first 75 acres were planted to a combination of red and white grapes soon after the Wilsons purchased the property in 1980. Then, in the early1990, phylloxera necessitated the replanting of those original blocks. This time, recognizing the unique characteristics of the Stags Leap District, only red, Bordeaux-variety grapes were planted 40 acres of Cabernet Frane and 3 acres of Petit Verdot.
Winemaker Doug Fletcher captures the estate’s unique terroir through his innovative and meticulous approach to vineyard management. As a result the wines are impeccably balanced, with full ripe fruit and silky tannins. These world-class reds age beautifully, of course and they impress critics and wine lovers alike by being unusually gracious in their youth.
There are many wonderful famous as well as some not so well known areas in California Wine Country that are just right for an enjoyable day of wine tasting. It’s always best to get off the beaten track and find the other gold that still exists and enjoy the beautiful scenery along these wine trails in this beautiful State.

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