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Gainey Vineyards

California, the most populous state of the United States, located on the Pacific coast of North America is the home of and wine producing regions such as Santa Barbara and Northern California's Wine Country.

The Gainey family celebrated their 42nd year of farming and ranching in Santa Barbara County. Since the beginning, it has always been the land and its potential that has guided the family. In 1962, Dan C. and his son Dan J. Gainey purchased an 1800 acre ranch on the eastern end of the Santa Ynez Valley. With over 1000 acres of rangeland devoted to cattle, 600 acres of farmland, 100 acres of Arabian horses facilities and 100 acres of vineyards, the Gainey Ranch was and still is the largest diversified farming operation in the valley.
In the early 1980’s, Dan J. and his son Dan H. became convinced that the unique geographical and climatical conditions of the area gave it the potential to produce world class wines. They planted 50 acres in 1983 and opened their Spanish style winery in 1984. The winery quickly became one of the most popular wineries to visit in the area and was named as one of the best wineries to visit on California’s Central Coast by Wine Spectator Magazine. Gainey Vineyard has the unique advantage of owning vineyards in two distinct viticultural areas in the Santa Ynez Valley. Their warmer climate Home Ranch is, on average, 15 degrees warmer each day during the growing season than their cooler climate Evan's Ranch.
2004 Chardonnay was the wine of the week. the 2004 Gainey Vineyard Chardonnay is a delivious, full-flavored white from this small geographical region in the Santa Barbara County. 4 plus Stars is a full-bodied and ripely flavored, this is a fairly intense wine, tasting of pineapple, citrus fruit, roasted nu, and oak. This wine is of a great value. 90 Points is with expressive and succulent fruit flavor enhanced by just the right amount of spicy oak, this wine impresses most of all because of its excellent balance.
The goal of Gainey Vineyard’s winemaking program is to create wines of uncompromising quality with optimum flavor and aromatic components that reflect the unique characteristics of the vineyards from which they come. The Gaineys have recently constructed a new gravity flow winemaking facility where grapes processed here are handled in the most gentle manner possible and then fermented and aged in one of five temperature and humidity controlled rooms.

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