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Husch Vineyards

California, the most populous state of the United States, located on the Pacific coast of North America is bordered by Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. The four largest cities are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco. California is also the home of and wine producing regions such as Santa Barbara and Northern California's Wine Country.
Founded in 1971, Husch Vineyards is the oldest winery in the picturesque Anderson Valley. The vineyards are comprised of some of the earliest varietal plantings on the valley floor. In 1968, Tony and Gretchen Husch bought the 60-acre Nunn ranch between Philo and Navarro on Highway 128. The land was well known for growing apples and grains. They soon planted eight acres of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Gewurztraminer grapes on the cool slopes of the property. The plantings sweep down towards the pristine Navarro River. The first official crush was in the fall of 1971.
Comprising more than 50 percent of the total production, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are renowned Husch wines. These wines are produced using many methods, from whole-cluster pressing and direct-to-press methods to the traditional method of soaking the juice with the skins overnight. All of their production methods are modified to produce the highest quality wine from every vineyard. The fermentation is started in stainless steel tanks, but once the sugar level has decreased to 15 degrees, lots are racked to barrels to finish fermenting. It can take from two to six weeks reaching a maximum temperature of 60 to 65 degree Fahrenheit.
Husch Vineyards are focusing their effort on developing their Reserve Wine program. Their winemaking and viticultural teams have identified vineyards that produce wines of distinct character. Not coincidentally, these are among the oldest vineyard blocks on the ranches, with vines bearing less, but more intense fruit. In the winery, these lots are kept separate, aged longer and bottled to be distinctive.

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