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Latcham Vineyards

California, the most populous state of the United States, located on the Pacific coast of North America is bordered by Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. The four largest cities are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco. California is also the home of and wine producing regions such as Santa Barbara and Northern California's Wine Country.
Latcham Vineyards are old ones, as evidenced from the girth as well as the gnarled ends from years of pruning. The Latcham family were grape growers for 10 years, until they decided to market wine under their own label. Then about 10 years later, the Latcham's purchased a neighboring winery, Granite Springs, giving them everything necessary to process grape juice into bottled wine. These were Sauvignon Blanc vines, adjacent to some old vine Zinfandel.
They offer a wonderful selection from this 28-acre estate, typical of the fruit-forward New World style, but with Old World varietals. Their Cabernet Franc was delicious, as well as the barrel-tasting of Goldrush Red with 39 percent Cab Sauvignon, 37 percent Zin, 20 percent Merlot and 4 percent Black Muscat, which they are selling futures of currently. They offer an award winning Petite Sirah, some nice Zins, and produce an Italian Barbera with Big cherry fruit from grapes grown at a neighboring vineyard. Evidently, early vineyards of Zinfandel, which had been planted as far back as the 1860's, were often blended with Petite Syrah in the vineyard to the tune of 10 percent.

Each individual at Latcham Vineyards plays a significant role in creating their distinctive wines. It is due to the relationship between their people, their land, the seasons and the weather, that the wines they create belong in the company of the great wines of the world. Latcham Vineyards wines is one of the famous wineries in California.

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