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Roshambo Winery

Roshambo Winery is one of the famous wineries in California that has grown through years of excellence and quality of the wines offered. In 1999, a conceptual artist and photographer named Naomi Brilliant walked away from her potential career in Portland to build a winery on the property of her grandfather's vineyards. Frank Johnson Vineyards had been growing highly acclaimed grapes since 1972 and selling them to various Sonoma County wineries over the years.
Finally, Naomi Brilliant succeeded in establishing a winery which was later dedicated to the idea that wine should be more fun, more delicious, more Roshambo. The name Roshambo comes from the ancient Japanese game known as Rock, Paper Scissors. Roshambo's incomparable approach is infused with a playful and keen artistic responsiveness. As a result, Roshambo has attracted a cult following of people looking for something conspicuously original.

Roshambo has perfected the art of winemaking with award winning flavors of wine including Imago Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Reverend Zinfandel, Justice Syrah, Think Rose and the Traminer. Roshambo's array of wines is tasty, stylish and fun to order. The offbeat names are another way that Roshambo is trying to demystify wine and unveil it to the masses.

The Chardonnay is vibrant in the bright flavors of golden pineapple, glowing orange and floral jasmine. Delicate yet determined to stay aloft providing a long flight of flavor. This wine comes from Sonoma County appellation with 13.9 percent alcohol. The other flavor of Syrah Rose is pink and is delicious as well as fruity like fresh strawberries. Refreshing and just a bit spicy, the wine finishes luscious and crisp. It comes purely from Frank Johnson Vineyards and has 14.1 percent alcohol, 2 percent residual sugar and Bled saignee woods.

The Obvious Sauvignon Blanc wine is the obvious choice for a white wine. Crisp clean, mineral and fun, Sauvignon Blanc comes from the Dry Creek Valley appellation and has only 13.9 percent alcohol. On the other hand, Reverend Zinfandel flavor is rock-a-billy, raucous, over indulgence, fun and energy. It uses French and American woods with an alcohol percentage of 14.8.

Winemaking at Roshambo Winery is a dynamic process where diversity is created by tailoring vinification and cellar practices to the individual vineyard lots. Nevertheless, there is a crucial process that defines their idealistic approach and establishes a reference for maneuvers exclusively suited to each fermentation lot.

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