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Stony Hill Vineyard

California, the most populous state of the United States, located on the Pacific coast of North America is bordered by Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. California is also the home of and wine producing regions such as Santa Barbara and Northern California's Wine Country.
Stony Hill Vineyard is one of the famous wineries in California that has grown through years of excellence and quality of the wines offered. The winery was started by Fred in 1943. Over the years they have remained true to this original style, which they think is the most appropriate for their particular grapes. Since the first vintage in 1952, the critically acclaimed Stony Hill wines have been made with no malolactic fermentation and aged only in neutral oak barrels. The non-oaky, non-buttery style allows the steely, stone fruit and citrus flavors of the hillside vineyard to shine.

All vineyard and winery operations of Stony Hill are consistent with sustainable theme. The vineyards are farmed using sustainable practices leaving a gentle imprint on the land and have received several awards, an endorsement that Stony Hill is in accordance with the preservation of natural resources. Stony Hills produces wines, including the classic varietals such as Merlot and Chardonnay, as well as several excellent dessert wines are also produced.

The 2001 Semillon is much more characteristic of Stony Hill's Semillon production over the years than was the 2000 vintage. The 2001 has the deeper amber color they are used to, the higher, fifteen percent residual sugar they expect, and the wonderful taste of honey in your glass. They would characterize the bottle bouquet as dried apricots, figs and plums, baked fruitcake, and, of course, the honey.

The goal of Stony Hill's Winery is to create wines of uncompromising quality with optimum flavor and aromatic components that reflect the unique characteristics of the vineyards from which they come.

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