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New Dog Training Book: Transform Your Dog's Behavior Almost Miraculously

It is now possible for dog owners to slash dog obedience training in half, using the same healthy and humane techniques America's top dog trainers use.

March 18, 2006 -- Daniel Stevens, creator of the “Sit Stay Fetch” dog training program, is certain he can teach anyone to slash their dog’s obedience training time in-half using healthy and humane methods. Stevens has picked the brains of America’s top dog trainers and packaged and made available some of the world’s most effective techniques to stop dog behavior problems, as well as the stress and annoyance that often results from these problems. Individuals will save time and money by learning the best and easiest dog obedience training methods all in one place. Individuals can quickly learn how to fix any dog behavior problem, acquire tips and secrets to use in everyday dog obedience training, and obtain specific commands and tricks to teach their dogs. Individuals will also learn the best way to select, buy and raise a new puppy or older dog. The best part about this information is that anyone can do it and it's easy!

Thousands of people worldwide have already utilized these techniques and have been successful with their dog training and solving their dog problems.

Jessica Martinez of San Francisco, California recently wrote, “Your tricks really work amazingly well. I have a 110 pound dog called Russell which used to steal food from under the table and then viciously bite and bark loudly if I tried to remove it. However, after using your techniques, my dog will now submit and let me take anything from out of his mouth! I’m convinced that you are one of the best dog experts around!”

Another reader, George Crosby of Wellington, New Zealand agrees, He writes, “Very informative book written in a simple, readable format. Worked a treat with my new Boxer and I would recommend this book to anyone looking to train their dog.”

Now anyone can easily, effectively and cheaply train their dog themselves. No more enduring messy accidents, biting and general unruliness. Stop dog behavior problems today. Finally, the simple, secrets of professional dog trainers are revealed.

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