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Alien Science vs The Bible

New Book Cracks the Foundation of World Religions.

This is the story that's been hidden for centuries.  'Sacred Illusions' is a tale of fear, deception and greed surrounding terrifying events, secret knowledge and unearthly beings.  Told from the perspective of four Biblical prophets, Enoch, Ezekiel, Daniel and John, it recreates their abduction by giant beings who identify themselves as messengers from another world.  The prophets, chosen to reveal an unfathomable reality to an unsuspecting ancient age, struggle to find words that adequately describe the science taught by angels and their predictions of global catastrophes.  Through the prophets eyes the past and the future are seen as never before.  One prophecy remains unfilled.  Will their message be heard?

Learn the connection between Original Sin and DNA.  See the Sword of Fire that kept Adam and Eve from returning to the Garden of Eden and Paradise.  Read about the Angel of the Face who wages war with Earth, Mars and Venus.  The Great Flood of Noah's day flowed from a source identified for the first time ever.  Discover the universal symbol for nuclear fission hidden in the book of Exodus.  Does Jesus have a role in the contact missions of extraterrestrials?  Is 666 an astronomical calculation predicting future battles with a celestial beast?

Readers describe 'Sacred Illusions - A Journey Into the Dream You Live' by R.D. Valenti as:

"Excellent and intelligiently written. This book takes the common subject of creation and sheds a new, logical light upon it wrapped up within an intriguing story line! If you find hard to swallow the ape-to-man evolution theory of scientists or the forbidden apple and snake story of the religious sector, as fact - you will LOVE the exciting possibilities this book sparks!" California

"This is by far the best book of this nature that I have ever read. It is intriguing and allows one to open their mind to a place and a fantasy that most people dare not go. Definitely worth the read!!" Michigan

"A new way of thinking.  Breaks out of the traditional mold and sees things in a different light. Interesting characters and communication style. If you are a thinker, you'll enjoy the challenge." North Carolina

"I didn't want to put this down. Brilliant writing in my opinion." Michigan

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