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Azure Group looking to grab piece of Hispanic Market

Azure Group an Encino-based investment bank is looking to invest and gain market share in the US Hispanic Market

Francisco Martin and Bill Anz, Founders of Azure Group, Inc., a California based Investment Bank, are forming alliances with major local Hispanic Power Players.

"We are looking into the future and see a very clear message. Hispanics are and will be the strongest consumer base here in California. If we position ourselves correctly and early enough, we will succeed in retaining a big enough market share in this vastly underserved market. Hispanics need services that fit their needs. Don’t assume at any price; those times are over. The Hispanic consumer wants acknowledgment as a sophisticated participant, without the feeling of being ripped off," says Francisco Martin.

So what is the magic formula? "Service + Adequate Pricing + Brand Recognition + Follow Up = The Market Is Yours", says Martin. Sounds easy? Not exactly. "Big name institutions are spending billions of dollars to come up with a concept to attract the Hispanic clientele, without much luck. The concept only works if you marry proven track record, technology and familiarity (strong brand recognition). You can not expect to win over the Hispanic consumer base by throwing money at them and creating multimillion dollar marketing campaigns. Although television and radio are two very powerful mediums to reach this demographic, the single most powerful medium is Brand Recognition, which ultimately builds trust and in due course creates loyalty," says Francisco Martin.

The two former MAM Group, Inc. founders have a formula that they are not quite yet willing to share in detail. One thing is very clear. They have a plan, the right connections and very strong backing from the community they so much are willing to help.

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