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New Women’s Self-Defense Course Reveals Techniques Learned in Hours

A new course just released shows how a 98-pound woman now has the ability to drop a 250-pound muscle bound man quickly to his knees. Made for people who don’t have the time or the desire to learn formal martial arts.

PDS Personal Defense Systems today launched a comprehensive course on women’s self-defense.  It is designed for women who either don’t want or don’t have the time to learn formal martial arts.  You can study in the privacy of your own home.

While some women mistakenly think it can’t happen to them, others who have survived an attack have a very different story to tell.  They all explain how they felt helpless and defenseless.

Brian Barnes & Ken Keiscome, both from California, have decided to finally release their controversial women’s self-defense program to the public. At first, the authors of this new eye-opening course pondered whether they should release this useful information.

They carefully considered whether revealing the strategies and concepts covered in the program would in fact be in their best interest. After all, the information has the potential to cause significant damage to any assailant, leaving the victim free to escape.  Unfortunately, this might cause a huge stir in certain elements of society.

This led the authors into several discussions with some of their closest friends in the martial arts community.  All of whom advised them NOT to release the course.  They all thought the information was useful and good but just too deadly to share, after all what if someone got hurt.  So Ken & Brian just sat on the information for some time.

Then through some personal traumas, when a close friend of theirs was assaulted, they went against their original decision and had a change of mind.  Against the advice of their friends and associates and their own original thinking, they decided to release these unusual strategies and concepts.

They want any woman, or man for that matter, to be able to defend themselves and walk away from any encounter with a potential rapist, assailant or crook.  They decided to release the information.

The high paced world we are living in is becoming increasingly unsafe across all racial and class barriers.  It is time to get the knowledge to fight back and regain our freedom.

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