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eBay Auction For Entire Town Draws Scrutiny

eBay auction for an entire town can create new eBay opportunities for sellers.

The most recent, and perhaps most innovative one, is an eBay auction for an entire town.

Bridgeville, California is up for auction a second time, after finding no takers the first time around.

A small town consisting mainly of empty buildings and abandoned lots would seem to be highly undesirable at first. The town has no intrinsic value at first sight.

But an ambitious entrepreneur could see the great potential that this almost deserted town offers.

For starters, the successful eBay bidder could auction off naming rights for the town. Large corporations and small businesses could benefit from the publicity of having a town named after them.

Second, aspiring entrepreneurs could attract light manufacturing and warehousing operations with the promise of expandable space and affordable cost of living.

Due to the power of eBay the potential of the town could be realized by auctioning off its various potential assets on eBay.

“eBay has created an international marketplace that allows the true potential of assets to be realized,” said Donny Lowy, the CEO of, a wholesale provider for eBay sellers.

eBay sellers have often taken products with no apparent value, and through innovative marketing have turned around and found new uses for them.

“eBay sellers can succeed in selling almost anything, provided that they show potential bidders the hidden benefits of the items that they are selling,” added Donny, who also runs a site that helps eBay sellers run eBay businesses.

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