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How To Have It All

Women in the workforce turn to coaching and online community "" to help them achieve balance between career success and personal priorities.

Vancouver March 21, 2006 – “Be careful what you wish for…” seems to have become the mantra for today’s professional working women. More than ever before, women are achieving success in the workforce and climbing to greater heights of professional accomplishment. This success, however, comes at a cost. The price they are paying is loss of balance and time with their family and other personal priorities due to the crossover time conflicts.

Sassy and Savvy Women is a coaching company born out of the collaboration of two women from different countries with a common goal - to help women rapidly accelerate their personal and professional success.

“Leverage Your Business. Love Your Life” is the motto that Teresia LaRocque and Sonia Stringer are impressing upon their multitude of entrepreneurial clientele. LaRocque, from Vancouver, British Columbia and Stringer from San Diego, California are using today’s technology to connect self-employed women from around the world to help them achieve success in both their business and personal lives...

So just what is it that makes Sassy and Savvy Women such a valuable tool for women today?  Coaching is a professional partnership between a qualified coach and an individual that supports the achievement of extraordinary results, based on goals set by the individual.

Examples of the type of women that benefit greatly from the coaching offered by Sassy and Savvy are Anne Dugan who is an opera singer, married with a 2 ½ year old child, and who is an Executive National Vice President with Arbonne International. To say that this woman is busy would be a huge understatement. “I’ve been working steadily with Sonia since the end of April 2005. I began working with Sonia shortly after taking a one day workshop with her. I have now learned how to design my business around my life and am much more present to what’s important. Before, when I was with my family, I was still thinking about business. I remember pushing my kids on the swings and being on the cell phone talking to clients, so I wasn’t really “there” even when we had time together. Now when I step into my personal life, I am present 100%.  I take my business hat off and fully enjoy the time I am taking each week for myself and my family.” With this coaching, positive business results have come dramatically: “Within six months of deciding to “do things differently” the gross sales in my business grew 300% and my personal income increased over 100%,” says Dugan.

There is also a hi-tech side to this community, which includes numerous electronic resources (audios, e-books and other tools) which women can access 24/7 365 days a year.  Included here are practical “how to” worksheets, audio programs and interviews featuring successful female entrepreneurs who share their hard-won experience and wisdom with all members of the community.

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