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Sonasoft Becomes a “Front Runner” with the Latest Release of SonaSafe

Latest version of SonaSafe for SQL Server is recognized for its support of SQL Server 2005

San Jose, California — March 20 — Sonasoft Corp.  today announced it will launch a new application using Microsoft SQL Server 2005, earning the company Front Runner status from Microsoft Corp. SonaSafe for SQL Server in combination with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 helps customers to protect their data through automated disk-to-disk backup/recovery and intelligent standby capability.  SQL Server 2005 is the next-generation data management and analysis software that will deliver increased scalability, availability and security to enterprise data and analytical applications while making them easier to create, deploy and manage.

“Microsoft has always been committed to the success of our broad ISV partner community and will continue to rely heavily on that community to drive innovative solutions to market,” said Pradeep Rathinam, general manager of U.S. ISV Strategy in the U.S. Partner Group at Microsoft. “The Front Runner program was designed to provide our partners with the best development environment possible and give them the technical and marketing tools they need to be successful over the long term.”

Microsoft wanted to ensure that ISVs had access to a full host of benefits to enable them to bring best-of-breed solutions to market more quickly and effectively. Giving ISVs the resources they need to fast-track the development of these applications enables customers to start taking advantage of the increased scalability, availability and security of the application built on top of SQL Server 2005 almost immediately, increasing their company’s productivity.

“Sonasoft is excited to support SQL Server 2005 because it’s a great platform and a great leap forward,” said Dr. Vas Srinivasan, Vice President of Marketing at Sonasoft. “Achieving Front Runner status enables us to deliver applications to customers within the same timeframe as the launch of SQL Server 2005. As a result of the solution we have developed, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers get the most from their technology investment.”

Sonasoft provides an integrated backup/recovery and replication solution which is easy to use, automated and cost effective. The Sonasoft Standby Solution bridges the gap between a highly expensive Failover Clustering solution and time-consuming native SQL Server Backups.  Sonasoft provides a high-availability solution, protecting data from hardware/software failures and human errors. This procedure completely automates log shipping practices and ensures data integrity, enabling the standby system to take over instantly in the event of primary system failure. The standby system can be located on-site or at a remote site for protection against natural and man-made disasters.

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