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New iPod Accessories

With the ever-increasing popularity of the iPod and all its various forms, it follows that more and more accessories will become both important and appealing to iPod owners. Here are three new accessories that iPod owners may want to consider purchasing.

PodOLockThe Podolock is a hard acrylic case for the iPod mini that helps to secure it from theft or unauthorized use.  Along with the case is a cable that goes through the top of the case that enables the user to dock the iPod to a table, steering wheel, or other stable base.  With the increasing numbers of iPods being stolen, cases like these may become handy for iPod owners.  Podolocks will begin shipping next month and will be available for about $20, with the cables ranging from about $10 to $20.

TuffWrap Accent
TuffwrapTuffWrap Accents are new cases for iPod Video that will protect the devices from scratches and bumps.  Optional inserts protect the screen and click wheel.  There are three options for these two-tone silicone cases: blue and gray, yellow and black, red and black.  The cases also feature ribbed sides for a more secure grip, and the texture of the overall case prevents the iPod from sliding unnecessarily. TuffWrap Accents sell for about $29.95.

IpodIconz are stylish and fun durable cases that feature a logo, icons, or images that cover the face of the iPod Video.  The backs of the cases are translucent, and the Iconz feature play-through control for the click wheel and integrated screen protection.  Available images include cartoon and/or movie icons such as the Superman or Batman logo, your favorite MLB team, or your NBA team.  Iconz with NBA images including a team and, in some cases, a player are available for the iPod Nano.  Iconz for the iPod Video are available for about $29.95, while the Iconz for the iPod Nano are available for about $24.95.

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