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Killer-Content informs public that it intends to expand in the market of press release writing services by providing its customers with more efficient press release services, destined to assist them in the developing of their businesses and consequently in the increasing of their levels of sales. has designed one of the most efficient press release service processes that bring high results to its customers.

Los Angeles California. announced today that it has selected several acres of land in the area of Los Angeles for its new building in California.

New branch of the company that should be opened at the end of the year 2006 will provide the customers of the company with copywriting services.

Chris Berty, one of the senior managers of made an announcement at the press conference at the headquarters of the company at Reston, Virginia:

“Our company intends to facilitate the process of completing the orders of our customers and is poised to expand nationally in the market by establishing new outfits at various states, where there is an increasing demand on our products and services” stated Chris Berty.

“With many highly skilled copywriters residing at California as well as excellent research opportunities for them, we are confident that our current expansion will bring great benefits both to our business and our customers” he added.

The company intends to open new Californian branch later this year, with the construction of the facilities beginning this spring.

Hue Stevenson, one of the leading copywriters of the company was among several high ranking representatives of the company attending press conference:

“As you know intends to expand both nationally and internationally and we are very excited that with highly developed technological base in California as well as pool of skilled and experienced labor we will start our operations at this ate as well” said Hue Stevenson “We are waiting impatiently to become an active and responsible participant of the local community and are pleased to welcome Los Angeles as new member of our constantly growing family“.

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