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Noise Reduction Cabinet Becomes the Cure

GizMac XRackPro2 Rack Mount Enclosure Cabinet Now Part of CMS 3-D Radiation Planning Solutions.

Torrance, CA – March 16, 2006 – GizMac Accessories LLC, designer and manufacturer of noise reduction enclosures for rack mount systems, partners with CMS, Inc. to reduce noise of computer equipment in radiation treatment clinics. Selection of the GizMac cabinet, reinforces the position of CMS, Inc. as the leader in innovative solutions for the radiation oncology market.

CMS is a global provider of clinical software solutions for radiation therapy. A portion of the process includes utilizing CT, MR, and PET scans of patients to develop a visual model for planning the radiation treatment. Computers, RAID systems, tape backup and other equipment are required for this solution, but introduce significant levels of noise into a health care environment.  “Since these systems would typically be located in the same room as the rest of the treatment planning systems, noise reduction was a critical factor in the choice of a rack cabinet,” says John Sarafa, Market Intelligence Manager, “The only system that provided the necessary space for mounting and noise reduction was the XrackPro2”.

“The medical industry is becoming more reliant on computers every day, so a cabinet that dramatically reduces noise from the computers and storage systems, allows more technology into that environment without disrupting staff or patients” says Ken Vitto, GizMac Accessories Director of Marketing, “GizMac is pleased that CMS understands the potential of our XRackPro2 and has incorporated it into their radiation therapy planning systems”.

XRackPro2 rackmount enclosures are used in medical and scientific environments, video and audio post production, film and broadcast applications, graphics, animation, pre-press, military and any other environment that needs noise reduction and/or flexibility of equipment location.

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