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Warner Bros. Museum

If you go to California, you cannot miss the chance to visit the only museum of a major Hollywood movie studio. Located in Burbank, California, the Warner Bros. Museum has done what all other Hollywood movie studios have neglected to do.

All classic movies leave behind a collection of invaluable props, costumes, scripts, and other memorabilia. However, Hollywood studios, far from devotedly preserving their treasures, sell, torn down, recycle, or return these items to storage. As a consequence, countless items of great importance have been left in a room for decades to gather dust, be destroyed, or plainly become garbage. And believe it or not, not even a single major Hollywood movie studio has ever built a museum where it could showcase their memorable treasures and artifacts. Not a single one, that is, except Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, which recently constructed the Warner Bros. Museum on its studio lot, a place unique of its kind.

The Warner Bros. Museum covers an area of 7,000 square feet and it is part of the recently built Steven J. Ross Theater. Props, key costumes, letters, and animation cells all collected throughout more than 70 years of film-making are in the museum for your enjoyment. In addition, these exhibits are enhanced by multimedia stands that illustrate how these items were used in the films.

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