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Golden Gate Bridge: The Right Entrance to San Francisco

It took more than 4 years and near US $35 million to complete the marvelous creation of the Golden Gate Bridge. Inaugurated on May 28, 1937; the opening of the bridge was a national event that President Franklin D.Roosevelt announced through a telegraph from the White House.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Golden Gate river, which is located at the entrance of San Francisco Bay. The bridge is 2.7 kilometers long, and the distance between the towers is 1.280 meters. Both towers rise 230 meter above the water and the suspension cables' diameter is 0.91 meters. In this way, the Golden Gate Bridge has constituted itself as the largest suspension bridge worlwide. Moreover, Golden Gate Bridge is recognized as the main symbol of identification of San Francisco.

This famous bridge was the invention of Joseph Baerman Strauss, who spent a lifetime dreaming about the chances to build a bridge over Golden Gate. This engineer built over 400 bridges within the States. Nevertheless, most of them were smaller and inland. When planning the construction of Golden Gate Bridge, Baerman looked for the wise advice of Irving Morrow, who was responsible for the Art Deco details and color of the bridge. Furthermore, Baerman also looked for the assistance of Charles Alton Ellis and Leon Moisseiff, both engineers and bridge designers, who took responsibility on the mathematics involved in this construction.

Golden Gate Bridge is the result of the efforts of hundreds of people who were interested in bringing an attractive entrance and appearance to the city of San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge is a truly colorful spectacle for the eyes that you cannot miss if visiting San Francisco. Make sure you take pictures of the bridge from any of the numerous spots in the city.

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