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Alcatraz Island:Preserving History and Wildlife

Perhaps because of the numerous dreadful stories told by those who inhabited the island in the past, or because of the vibes it transmits, Alcatraz Island is undeniably one of the most famous and attractive destinations for tourists in San Francisco. Visiting Alcatraz not only means to take a walk about a place full of isolation and sadness, but also it means you can get in contact with history and wildlife

To visit the Alcatraz Island requires a little bit of organization and patience. The island operates in different hours depending on the season. Nevertheless, departures begin everyday at 9.30am and the ferry runs every thirty to forty minutes to and from Alcatraz. During summer, the island closes at 6.30pm and during fall, winter and spring, it closes at 4.30pm. Usually, the island is only closed on Christmas and New Year's Day.

During summer, fog is very common within the island as rain is during winter. Therefore, you must take all these details into account if planning to visit the island. Remember that there are several areas restricted to visitors due to safety reasons. These areas will always be closed by barricades or marked fences. Moreover, remember that Alcatraz is refugee for several animal species. For this reason, animals as well as plants are protected by law, and people are expected not to free any animal or they will be subject to penalties.

You will not find food service within the island. It is important then to bring your own food. There is a picnic area in the dock, where you can also smoke. The dock is the only place where people can eat, drink or smoke. Alcatraz Island is administrated by the National Park Service because it is a unit of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). They are part of the Biosphere Reserve, designated by UNESCO, which solely purpose is to educate and preserve about the diverse habitats of planet significance.

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