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Liberty Travel: Many Different Options

Fred Kassner and Gilbert Haroche were the founders of the Liberty Travel Agency. They specialized their service offering the one price package vacation and then launched it to the market. The company was founded in 1951 and the “boom” of the tourism was beginning in the US especially due to the expansion of the economy. The one price package vacation begun to catch the attention of travelers really fast. The first package that the agency sold was the package to Miami and by the late 50’s Liberty was controlling the market of Florida.

Some years later Fred and Gilbert started to offer other destinations like the Catskill Mountains, New Jersey and New York. After the success of the packages to these destinations they decided to include more new destinations and prove the quality of their services. That is how they started to sell vacation packages to exotic places like Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Bermuda, Dominican Republic and many others.

Then, the agency decided to specialize their services for honeymooners and families that wanted travel all together. Today Liberty has more than 204 locations along the East coast and in Miami, FL and keeps providing their excellent services to almost all the places you are looking for.

Liberty is also specialized in provide many different options or packages for all the American travelers. If you are planning your vacations and you want that an agency makes all for you. Do not doubt and contract the services of Liberty Travel.

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