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Northwestern Travel Management: Purchased by TQ3Navigant

Northwestern Travel Management was an independent company until it was acquired by TQ3Navigant which is the second biggest company of the US focused in providing travel services. Now, the companies have more than 4,700 associates and more than 1,000 offices in more than 20 countries and in the US. The company is dedicated to offering travel services to all the people that want to travel. The main goal of the company is to provide the best travel services exceeding the expectations of the client to create loyalty of them with the company.

During the year 1969 the company Northwestern Travel started operations based in the principles of always offering the best services to the customers and after the fusion with TQ3Navigant, those principles are still their philosophy and that is why the company has a very good reputation among the rest of the other travel companies of the US.

As mentioned above, the company offers their services to all the people. Some other companies are specialized in corporate travel, leisure or others, but Northwestern is focused in all the segments of travelers. However, one of their main services is the vacations travels and the corporate travels.

This is due to the high demand of these two segments in the market. Especially the corporate travel that needs to be always traveling to make businesses. If you are planning your vacations or your next business travel, just call Northwestern Travel Management and they will take care of the rest.

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