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Tzell Travel Group: Only the Best

Tzell Travel Group forms part of a big company called CNG Travel Group; it works as the division responsible of all the corporate travel market. Today, the company is ranked as the number five biggest corporate travel management company of the US. This according to a survey made by the Business Travel News and this survey is made yearly. The main office of this division is located in New York City but has more offices in other eight states. Tzell Travel Group tries to offer always the best services to their clients to reach the highest recognition in the travel industry.

Tzell has been offering their services to several companies of the US for more than 35 years and is specialized in the plan and realization of cost control programs, travel policies and incentive programs for the companies that uses the services of this agency.

Tzell Travel Group has several values and a philosophy. This one is to provide to the clients the highest quality possible as well as a personalized customer service that is necessary to comply with their travel needs. Tzell is also in a continuously investigation process to implement the latest technology linked to the travel industry.

If you are part of a company that frequently needs the services of a travel agency to arrange the business or vocational travels of the company, think in Tzell Travel Group the next time you need these services. The company offers to their customers only the best.

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