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VTS Travel: Commitment of Delivering Excellence

VTS has been offering their products and services since 1979. Today it is one of the leader companies in the market of the corporate travels management. They provide the highest quality and services as well as help you save some money. With more than 25 years of experience the staff of VTS Travel is greatly specialized in all the aspects linked to the corporate travel management and they will help you providing you excellent services.

Every time that you use the services of VTS Travel, one of their professionals will work very close to you to give you the best attention and always trying to over exceed the expectations of the customers. VTS Travel guarantees you that they can fulfill all your needs (hotel and air reservations, etc.) from the beginning until the end of your travel and for less than in other agencies.

VTS Travel is established on three principles or values and it also has a philosophy. The values are: savings, a focus on service, and excellence. Savings: the company has always been working with the best airlines, hotels, rental cars of the world and they can get the cheapest rates for those services. Focused on service: they think that the best way to create loyal customers is through the best service. Excellence: the company always employs all its efforts to give you the best quality services and in the best way.

Finally the philosophy of the company is the commitment of delivering excellence (C.O.D.E), which is like a politic that ensures you that you will always receive the best services of the highest quality and with the best rates. The company is dedicated to the corporate segment. If you are planning your next business trip use the services of VTS Travel.

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