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Garber Travel: Over Exceeding Expectations

Since its beginning, Garber Travel has been working with the corporate travel market. The reputation of this company is well known due to the excellent services that it offers to its customers. The companies that have used the services of this company have become  loyal customers. For example Analogic Corporation (located in Massachusetts) was the first client of the agency (59 years ago) and still uses the programs of Garber. Today, the agency operates more than 41 offices in the US and some others in the European continent.

The first system that Garber used was known as GarberMagic, nevertheless, as many other companies they have also looked for the latest technology linked to the travel management industry. This is made to reach the excellence of the services, but primarily to fulfill and over exceed the expectations of the customers. The company is currently the travel agency of more than 500 corporate clients of the US, Europe, and Canada.

The company is entirely dedicated to the corporate travel management and recently was ranked in the fifth place in the top 100 of the Woman Led Businesses. The company is also proud for and says that in the last survey made among their clients they reached the 99% of customer satisfaction.

As you can see, Garber is a very good company that you may consider for the next time that you need to plan your next business travel. Do not think twice and call Garber Travel.

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