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Ovation Corporate Travel: Associated Company

Ovation Corporate Travel is a company dedicated to providing travel solutions, complete travel solutions and outstanding service while you save money. The company is the exclusive agency travel of many important companies of the US and also of frequent travelers whose use their services to the management of their leisure travels. Ovation is associated with one of the biggest travel agencies of the US, that company is The Lawyer’s Travel Service (LTS).

After their combination both companies LTS and Ovation Travel have become one of the largest management travel agencies of the country and they have also received more than 20,000 recognitions of their customers. The Ovation Corporation and LTS are committed with the client and they ensure you the highest quality in the services that you use. Today the company operates more than 90 locations just in the US and is planning to expand their services to other countries.

This company as many others is dedicated to offer special service to the corporate travel segment of the industry. However, Ovation is also specialized in the leisure needs of their clients and that is why they offer a customized service which is oriented to give you the best services that are able to comply your requirements. Ovation Travel has several vacation programs and discounts available for you.

These programs give you many opportunities that you could not have using the services of other agencies. If you are planning your next business or vacation trip, try the services of Ovation Corporation Travel and you will enjoy the quality of a real customized service.

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